Monday, November 1, 2010

You tell me

Well, is he? or isn't he?

Is the disproportionate head the result of some funhouse fisheye camera effect?... Are those toe rings or are they regular sized?... I like the kid and all his enthusiasm for Usher Raymond... However, I couldn't enjoy this heart felt lip synch rendition due to all of the unanswered questions in my head...

I finally thought I caught a break about 20 seconds in... When I realized that the chair behind him doesn't f*cking move...  This, of course, would leave him standing in front of the computer desk and dancing his nubby fingered heart out. .... and somehow that made it so much funnier. At last, I knew what was going on and I could enjoy the rest of the show..

Until I thought, "did he purposefully place the chair behind him as a distractionary disguise to make it look like he was "just" sitting down?.... or unlike Tom Cruz, has he fully embraced his elfish ways and he just got spontaneously caught dancing, because the DJ has him that much in love?".... We may never know.

Either way, you've got to give it to this kid.... If you can call a 35 yr old "kid"...... My only tip would be to practice that part featuring Pitbull's rap, so you don't look like you are alone in the car making mouth movements that don't match, because you forgot the words..... Or do something distracting during those forgotten lines.... maybe something that comes more juggling?

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