Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm gonna need that pancake recipe

While not tied to any political party, sometimes I watch, or read things concerning the economic and political turmoil in Washington today... I, like most Americans, often wonder, "how the hell did this guy get elected?"...... Or, "who was it that voted for these people?".

And then I see things like this.....

As you may know from past posts I have a weakness for fine art...  a connoisseur of sorts... here are a few samples from the astounding artist Dan Lacey who calls himself  "The painter of pancakes".... Sounds fucked up?........ You're right.

Whatever this guy is eating, or smoking... I'm sure it is medicinal... and I want the recipe.

Click the here to see more

Because who hasn't dreamed of a hot oil rub from a horned democrat gay steed?... Especially while sipping a blended drink from a coconut, on the beaches of an active volcano. If you say not me, you probably don't believe in socialized medicine either.. HaHaHa

Is that a black man riding a Confederate horse? or does American Airlines really have pilot uniforms for Unicorns? and Why the hell would a nuclear fallout destroy clothes for all humans, but not for 4 legged galloping mythological mustangs?

Unicorn vs. Moose.... great.....  but, what the fuck is up with that Alaskan vagina?

Although incredibly savvy when it comes to politics and flat breads, Dan does not limit himself as an artist or person. He takes on other controversial subjects such as religion and current pop culture....

That's weird! I too like to picture Jesus wearing a sequin glove, resurrecting a black Michael Jackson.

Fucking Awesome!

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