Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HIPAA...... not in Europe

Might not want to watch this if you are squeamish... This one is guaranteed to make your butt pucker.

First of all,... Did this guy even read the small print on the release form?... You know, the part where it says something about the doctor and his whole staff using your misfortune and stupidity, to not only laugh their "professional" asses off, but to personally video record and broadcast your predicament over the Internet, for the whole world to enjoy....
You know, the standard shit.

I want to see the follow-up video.... I picture the same scene when this guy calls the office infuriated, and starts to complain. Every staff member is going to pull out their recorders, gather around the speaker phone and try desperately to hold it together when the doctor replies.... "C'mon... C'mon... Yanni, don't be such a stick in the ass.... I got your back.... Seriously, what crawled up your ass and died?"

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