Monday, November 29, 2010

My American Dancing Rock Band Idol

O.k.. He doesn't look like much of a sports fan or Bon Jovi fan..... So I'm guessing after watching her son spent two straight months in the basement playing video games, she finally took the company Celtic's tickets as a last ditch effort to get this recluse little wallflower out of the house.
You know when you first see him there is no interest in basketball, or social interaction period... He is day dreaming of casting spells and shit.... And then it hits him... You can physically see his brain recognize that after spending countless solitary hours playing rock band solos, this is the moment he has been dreaming up in his head for years....  Always accused by his mom of never taking initiative, and never applying himself, this kid just grabbed the bull by the horns, stuck his tongue down it's throat, and made that arena his bitch....
I'm glad she had a front row seat.....

Seriously could not get any better. Well, unless he snatched one of those frazzled females for a brief makeout, drank her beer, then dropped her on the fatty in row 9, who is just pissed his tuba career is over, and never turned out this well.

Good for this kid.... and good for his mom..... and good luck to his mom getting him out of the basement, with that "video games are colossal waste of time and will never get you anywhere" speech ever again.... Ever.

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