Thursday, November 18, 2010

I believe it's called a mash up...

O.K. so I am an asshole, we've established that... Here is a tragic, tragic story which for some reason is made incredibly entertaining by the frantic 911 call.... These consistently have me on the edge of my seat... I always wish I could see what is really going on when the horribly terrified individual is panicking on the phone and making absolutely no sense....
So, as a sort of experiment, I grabbed another serious and disturbing current event video, that could aid me in visualizing what is actually taking place on the victim's side of the phone line.

The hypothesis follows the same mathematical law of, 2 negatives equal a positive, or 2 wrongs make a right... If this is true, then i believe these 2 catastrophic events, when combined, will have you exchanging tears of sadness for tears of devious laughter, and for a brief second entertained.... At least until your conscience kicks in... Please participate at your own risk.

Step 1: Before playing the videos, turn the volume up on the top video
Step 2: Turn the volume off, or down, on the bottom video
Step 3: Push play on both videos
Step 4: Watch the bottom video
Step 5: Try not to wet yourself with utter enjoyment and asshole.

Ok...ok... you pricks. These videos are not at all related, but each one is shockingly entertaining, and should probably be viewed seperately (with sound)... but you got to admit, it looks awfully close to a feces and food fling feista at the local zoo.... or Denny's.

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