Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fine Art

I guess the good thing about having a blog is that every now and then you get some random visitors. Sometimes I wonder, who are these people and what similar interests do we have that would make them want to visit me?....  Question answered.

I present to you.... Aubrey Hope Photography... I claim no rights to these photos, and it looks like poor Michael should have done the same. It is definitely worth your time to click on the link. I only posted a couple fav's, but there are a bunch more of these dazzling doosies... I could spend an hour going over every perplexingly priceless detail in each photo, and trying to convince myself that this is truly not a joke.
With impeccable ideas and a strong artistic eye, it's hard to believe Aubrey is looking for work.... pure fucking gold.

I always love when people add sepia tone to their pictures as if it magically makes them fine art... This is classic proof that adding sepia to a stupid f*cking picture makes it a stupid f*cking picture with bad color........  and horrible taste.

Abstract, edgy, and risque..... you f*cking nailed it.
Look at Michael almost boastfully laughing at us...What's it gonna be?.... the fire arm or the physique, bitch? From any angle, he's definitely got this shit on lockdown... I'm sure every female reader is just dripping with moist admiration and envy... Hell, I might be a little tingly myself.... If I could just get over my sudden overwhelming sense of inadequacy.

Kudos to muscleupslc.blogspot

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