Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm f*cking pumped

Am I pumped? F*ck yeah I'm pumped.
I'm not sure what it is about little people, a web cam and pop music, but it is an incredible mix that never disappoints..... Ever.

Lil' Sean really does take it to the next level... When he utters the words "dance party".... I would bet money the next word in your head sounded like,"YYYYEEEEEEEESSSS!"... maybe even, "HELL YEEEESSS!"
That's how it went for me too... The next thing through my head was the question, "doesn't a party generally involve more than one person, let alone half a person?"

As soon as those shoulders started moving I was hooked and about lost my mind when those arms started going into a "Kahuna double wave special".
Double wave??? Yeah, it's what they call it when your arms are bent back and forth in three different places and then you do the popular 80's dance move "the wave". Seriously, after seeing a waveset of that frequency, I thought the tide was coming in. I kept looking for some strings coming off of those arms because I felt like I was watching a really good puppet show.... either that, or an baby orangutan, every time he pulled off that clap move.... Awesome.

I know he said 3x's a day I need to get my "move on". Homework completed!..  I already watched mini marionette man hit that epileptic freak out to the chorus about 3x's..... and watching Lil'Sean's face as those figurine arms battle the beat, never gets old.
I got to say, he really gets those shoulders and arms moving.... So isn't it about time he starts moving those legs?

Sean..... Sean...... C'mon now. Damn it... Look, you said YOU would laugh at it yourself. Life is too short.... Ahhh, or brief..... "Life is too brief to get all serious and not have a good time."

Look, he said it. Not me

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