Monday, October 4, 2010

You're an asshole too...

As a generally optimistic person I bask daily in the guilty pleasure of the unonymous thought. You know what I'm talking about... During any event there is a initial reactionary thought in anyone's head.. Too often this thought is wrestled down before escaping the lips by regard for feelings or social restraints. It's possible that I may be the only asshole around, who behind the bitten lip loves to go through the dialogue in my own head of what "should have" been said or how it "should have" gone down.... But I'm not alone. You are an asshole too. You know you are. Everyone has that reactionary thought that crosses over the line while your mouth stays obediently safe behind. It's true that my thoughts might be a step or two passed the line, or I may linger in the comedy of the moment longer than some but everyone has that initial thought, and I figured it was time that mine now have a home. I find that the best parts of my day sometimes are not ones that play out in actuality, but are the suppressed reactions or imaginary commentary to actual events that replay over and over differently in my head. These provide hours of comedic and alternate material which have always kept me giggling behind the scenes. For no other purpose I figured I would journal these as they occur for my own entertainment, and if anyone else enjoys them, great... If not, I really don't give a shit because I know...... You're an Asshole.

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