Wednesday, October 6, 2010

See you in hell..

I experienced one of the most life changing websites I have ever seen today... It is called Jesus-with you always. Take a look now
On the site you must click on the home button and it takes you to a celestial gallery of a floridian artist named Larry Von Pelt... When you visit the gallery I guarantee you will spend as much time on it as I did, in uber amazment at the Pure gold that unfolds before your eyes....
I spent probably the first 15 minutes clicking on the different heavenly thumbnails and wondering what the hell was Larry thinking when he produced each one... I spent the next 30 minutes looking at each "picturesquely awkard" situation and wondering who the flying F&#k are these people and why the hell would they possibly being sharing a stunningly strange moment with the JC himself....
This is where it took off.. I have spent the last hour going over and over in my head, "what on earth would these people say?" or "what would the conversation in the picture look like?".... and... with the help of one of god's greatest creations, Photoshop.... I present you with a sampling of what has now become my newest addiction and will provide me with hours of comedic, as well as, ecclesiastical enjoyment for years to come... God bless you Larry Von Pelt.. you are truly a saint.

 Okay... Okay... I didn't change the last one at all... Do I really have to?.... It's a fucking clown! Look at the toddler. Even she knows this isn't right.... Poor little thing is stuck between a clown and some creepy white dude with stringy hair that claims to be the son of god.... I better stop. Anyway, god bless......... and i'll see you in hell.

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