Friday, October 15, 2010

Back to the drawing board

How could you not like this guy? You only have to see 10 seconds of video to know the whole story....

After one or two adventurous nights when she first moved here. Peter has spent a year and a half in the "friend zone" with Natalia, he was determined to finally break out. So, my man spent 2 straight weeks planning every detail to an amorous amusement adventure. All day he has been consciously showering his foreign beauty with superlatives, and showing extra care and attention. Nothing was going to stop him from his break through...
Good bye friends... Hello lovers.

And now, here it is... the final piece of the puzzle. As a gesture to his new wild and listless ways, he is going to throw down the extra 50 bones for a tandem ride on the slingshot.  A symbol of them breaking through this "sexually frustrated" barrier and heading full speed into a next atmosphere, as a new couple, forged together by the smoldering fires of adrenaline....

There might be a little foreshadowing for poor Peter when he, fighting off the nerves, reaches over, grabs her hand, and confidently says, "aaaahhh..aapppeeennsss....ddd...uum I Love You!" 
To which she respectfully replies, "Haaaahahahhhaaahahaaa".
Thank god for the smoke screen to cover the awkwardness of the silent handhold.
You got to give him credit. He fights through the clumsiness and a bad smoking weed joke to get ready for lift off.

Wooooooooooooohhhh..... At first he might have let out some weird baby seal sound at his apex. But he plays it off well, when he gives the double peace sign. Good move, Peetey... Cool, Confident, yet fun. Truly and man in charge....... I love it... Ohh.. Ohh. I love it... yes!

I do.  I love the rest of the video. Pete is loving life, enjoying every sound he had dreamed of her making. You can see his enjoyment turn to disbelief when she blurts out what he is imagining in his head....  WAIT, ARE YOU SERIOUS?.... You can almost see the disappointment in his face when he realizes what the F*** is actually going on, and he sees his whole night exploding faster than a Romanian immigrant on a slingshot... I gotta say, I feel bad for poor Peter, but I love watching his face go back and forth, somewhere between amusement and disbelief. I love it, oh, I love it, I love it.... it is incredible. At one moment everything around this guy is spinning, she's screaming, and he is as calm as if he is sitting on the couch at home and wants to have a talk about it.... He's probably just feeling a bit confused... and dirty.... Prostitution generally involves paying for your own orgasm, and he is trying to figure out where he stands legally, now that he just paid for someone else's.

Not a complete failure..... In some ways the night was a smashing success.... Optimistically, I think they DID ride tandem through a sexual barrier...  and if the relationship lasts, after her last "really crazy" statement, then he definitely knows what to get her for Christmas!... However, I don't think she is into talking about it right now... She probably just wants a cigarette, a towel, a wheel chair and a ride home.....  or a re-round.... and he knows it.

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