Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I hate you....

Do I really have to say anything? Chances are if this video makes sense to you in anyway, then I hate you.... Are there really enough people who enjoy this shit? Enough to justify having this travesty take up airwaves and bandwidth from something else?..... Anything else..... I don't care if it is static snow or the emergency broadcast signal. At least it is not a fucking dancing gorilla who turns into an Alaskan marshmallow....

Overall, the whole idea is enough to make Darwin turn over in his grave... but as you look at the details it gets worse and worse... The song is "The Monkeys", and the costumes are gorillas... Although both primates, apes and monkeys are not the same. There are physical and evolutionary distinctions.. one of the biggest differences being gorillas have no tails... and I guess we can add no dancing skills or entertainment value to that list as well.

It is funny how monkeys are smart enough to be astronauts, but as TV producers they suck ass... Thanks for wasting my life, and insulting my intelligence, by parading "Silverback" and the dancing boy around to a band playing an incorrect song, in front of a giant picture of bananas... I think everyone has made an evolutionary regression by being a part of this.

Seriously, I hate you.

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